Poop Plan


What is your family’s Poop Plan in case of a poop emergency? Have you ever been in the car racing home because you had to poop? How do you handle that very real danger without sharding? I share this scenario not to be gross, but because I think you will laugh and it may save your favorite pair of undergarments from being tossed.

I’m often in the same boat as Louis C.K. says here, “I’m always in a 48 hour window of diarrhea.” My stomach has never been ironclad and if I’m out on the town I have to watch what I eat. If I eat something crazy the Poop Plan may go into effect.

What is the Poop Plan?

It is the understanding and teamwork of husband and wife to get that squirrelly person home safely and in ample time so they don’t prairie dog it.

What does the Poop Plan look like in effect?

If the person driving is the pooper the people in the car act as a team. The car pulls into the garage. The pooper parks the car, jumps out and runs around the backside of the car to the garage door. The people in the car leave their doors shut not to interfere with the pooper making his/her run. The people in the car then ensure the car is turned off, gather any keys or possessions of the pooper and shut the garage door.

That my friend is the Poop Plan in action. Every couple needs a good Poop Plan or there could be an accident.

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